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Mini Bar on Shabbat ?!

From a halakhic perspective, one cannot use water boiled on Shabbat. 
Our engineers designed a device with a hot water tank that seals off water coming into the mini bar
controlled by a special electric tap designed to seal the water intake tank on Shabbat.
After activating Shabbat mode, this prevents boiling water on Shabbat.

How much hot water?

We chose a water tank that is sufficient for the use of an average family for an entire Shabbat,
however, it was clear to us that in order for the system to be effective,
it needed to be the size of average water bars so a s not to take up too much space in the family kitchen.

What about the cold water?

Our engineers developed a mechanism that works automatically,
 with a regular routine every 10 minutes.  The water cools regardless of the temperature
and the extraction of water, without the need for a thermostat that measures the water
temperature and may trigger the cooling system directly,
so there is no concern and the use of cold water is unlimited

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